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From Maintenance to Mission

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What Is Our Goal?

To inspire and equip 35,000 parishes to become missional, and through them to bring 2 million people to Jesus every year within 10 years.


The Roger’s Innovation Adoption curve tells us that we can hit a tipping point in the church. If we can get innovators and early adopters to move their parishes towards mission, the rest will follow. We need just 16% of parishes to become missional in order to change the Catholic church. That’s roughly 35,000 parishes.

Will yours be one?

Primacy of Evangelization


Best of Leadership



The Power of The Holy Spirit

How We Do It?

We believe that there are three keys to parish renewal: the primacy of evangelization, the best of leadership principles, and the power of the Holy Spirit held together by the celebration of the Eucharist.

Divine Renovation inspires and equips parishes to move from maintenance to mission. This is accomplished through events, resources, and hands-on coaching all designed to help parishes make and form missionary disciples.

Our podcast and video series cover topics such as team building, prayer, preaching, sacraments, and ministry, all through the lens of moving from maintenance to mission.

We help parish leaders uncover a vision for their parish and mobilize parishioners towards the realization of that vision to guide their ministries.

These, along with our books, conferences, and speaking engagements will allow us to reach our ten year goal to help 35,000 parishes bring 2,000,000 people to Jesus each year.

If you’re looking for a way to change the future of your parish and of the Catholic Church, this is your chance.

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