Divine Renovation AUS

Divine Renovation Australasia provides support for parishes in Australia and New Zealand on the journey from maintenance to mission. As parish leaders across the world continue to focus on the evangelizing mission of our Church, we provide them with the tools and resources to make a difference on the path to parish renewal. 

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Parish Support

Making the move from maintenance to mission can be a long and difficult path. This is why we work with parishes across the world to give them the support they need to make real progress forward in parish renewal.

Connecting Parishes

We've seen parish leaders across the world do incredible things and we've learned so much from these inspirational leaders. By connecting parish leaders with each other, we can build a community of missionary disciples. 

Casting Vision

Sometimes, you just need to know where to start. We help parish leaders with a  path forward by providing them with the tools and resources they need to cast vision for real change and renewal in our Church.

Meet the AUS Team

Kevin Bailey AM

Divine Renovation AUS Regional Director
Kevin Bailey, Regional Director for AUS, works on the ground in Australasia to offer opportunities for connecting and equipping parish leaders for the journey from maintenance to mission.

Manisha Gunathunga

Divine Renovation AUS Relationship Manager
Manisha Gunathunga is the Relationship Manager and supports the Divine Renovation mission in our Australasian office through her work connecting and supporting parish leaders in the region.

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