What Does Coaching Look Like

Divine Renovation comes alongside leaders to help them define success and put into place systems and people that help them see fruitfulness. We work with dioceses and parishes and provide them with the tools and framework to achieve incredible success.
We meet online (and in person where possible) with Bishops and Pastors and help support them in the formation and development of strong leadership teams.
We walk alongside parishes and dioceses as they cast a vision for the future of their communities. We help teams develop a definitive culture focused on mission, invitation, and evangelization and we help leaders overcome the various obstacles that can accompany changes in the foundation and operation of an organization. We do all this with a singular focus on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in everything we do. 

Coaching Offerings

Leadership Coaching

Divine Renovation provides in-depth coaching to pastors and their teams through 1 to 1 online (and in person where possible) coaching. Divine Renovation coaches help walk pastors through a step by step process, encouraging the development of strong leadership teams, and helping walk those teams through the building of a strong parish culture. Leadership Coaching costs $10k USD per year and includes both regular coaching sessions and access to the Divine Renovation Network, our library of parish resources on a wide variety of parish topics. 

Kickstart Cohorts

For parishes looking for help with the process of getting started in parish renewal, our Kickstart Cohorts offer pastors a path forward. Weekly coaching cohorts bring together five pastors for 6 sessions, 90 minutes each, where Divine Renovation Coaches provide guidance on what pastors need to do right now not just to survive but to thrive. This $1k coaching program is an intensive coaching experience designed to help parishes start the move from maintenance to mission right now. 

Diocesan Coaching

Focused on helping dioceses respond to the need for parish renewal, Divine Renovation supports renewal efforts at this level of the Church by developing coaches within diocesan teams, helping to uncover the gifts of leaders within these teams. We support Bishops as they focus on helping their parishes develop mission minded practices and systems and help them understand the tools that both they and parishes can use to make the important shift from maintenance to mission. Costs for this program are based on individual needs assessments.

Father Michael Leclerc, St. Ignatius of Loyola | Montreal, Canada

"The great struggle I have now isn't getting up in the morning. It isn't motivating myself to to get up and go to work and get on with the business of building a church. Not a community center, not a social hub, but building a church. That's easy for me to do.

The hard thing, the thing I struggle with is communicating this to my brother priests how life-changing this is, how much this matters to their personal ministry, to their priesthood, because we get so busy, we get so busy doing, just trying to maintain what we have."

Uncharted Waters. Unprecedented Opportunities. 

Our buildings may be shut but this is an opportunity like no other for the church to thrive as she answers the call to “Go make disciples’ (Mt 28:19).
Our free response kit has insight on leading well, advice on what tools to use, and lots of practical examples from Catholic parishes innovating brilliantly around the world.
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