From Maintenance to Mission

At Divine Renovation, we help parishes move from a place of maintenance to a place of mission. We work with bishops, pastors, and lay leaders to reinvigorate parishes and help create cultures of mission and evangelization. From support such as our free resource kit, podcast, and live webinars to more complex and long term solutions such as parish coaching and diocesan support, our mission is simple. We seek to inspire and equip parishes to be missional and through them bring people to Jesus Christ. How can we help you in this mission?

How Can We Help You?

Divine Renovation Podcast

Podcasts are an incredible way for parishes and ministries to share their message with the world. At Divine Renovation, we've produced over 100 episodes of our video and audio podcast. all focused on the topic of parish renewal. From interesting guests to insightful conversations with the Divine Renovation team, this is a must listen for parish leaders.

Divine Renovation Network

Some people like to learn at their own pace and want to be able to pause and press rewind on their journey. It's with that in mind that we've developed a unique library of resources all focused on how parishes can support a culture of evangelization and embrace a missional mindset, both in what they do and how they do it. 

 Divine Renovation Coaching 

Pastors are taught theology and in some cases administration, but they're rarely taught much in the way of leadership. To that end, Divine Renovation provides a number of options for bishopp, pastors, and lay leaders to experience how investing in coaching will improve the life of their parish and the mission of the church. We walk with leaders and help them navigate the road from maintenance to mission.

Uncharted waters.
Unprecedented Opportunity.

Our buildings may be shut but this is an opportunity like no other for the church to thrive as she answers the call to “Go make disciples’ (Mt 28:19).
Our free response kit has insight on leading well, advice on what tools to use, and lots of practical examples from Catholic parishes innovating brilliantly around the world.
We will send you our most recent version of our resource kit as well as updates as they become available.

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