Leadership Coaching

Interested In Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is available to members of the Divine Renovation Network at an annual fee of $10k USD. This is an intensive program and we encourage you to consider carefully entrance into this coaching program.

Leadership Coaching is designed to accompany you as a pastor as you move your parish from maintenance to mission.

When you start, you will meet with your coach intensively for the first couple of months (nearly every week) as you get to know each other. After the first few months coaching relationships move to bi-weekly meetings, often one with the Pastor + Coach and the other with the Pastor, Senior Leadership Team + Coach. You will also be enrolled in a pastor cohort, meeting online with pastors on the same journey.

If you’re interested in taking your parish from maintenance to mission, leadership coaching may be the right solution for you. You will work directly with Divine Renovation coaches as well as within pastor cohorts, sharing your experiences with other pastors going through the same things.

With the help of the Divine Renovation Team you will;

  • Establish and communicate a vision for your parish
  • Build a balanced leadership team
  • Launch or improve your evangelization programs
  • Create a healthy and thriving volunteer or staff culture
  • Launch Connect Groups
  • Discover ways to increase giving and commitment of parishioners
  • Put in place a solid foundation of prayer

In short, you will change the future of your parish.

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