Do you know about our Summer Shorts podcast series?

You may know that we don’t film new podcasts during the summer, but we didn’t want to leave you with nothing. Our team has taken some of the most engaging episodes of the last season, cut them into 10 minute long highlight reels, and we’re releasing them every Tuesday, all summer long until we return in September with new episodes.

In our first Summer Shorts episode, we go back to our Facebook Live Book Launch where Ron Huntley and Father James Mallon talk about their new book, Unlocking Your Parish, as well as the various ways that Alpha can help move your parish from maintenance to mission.


In episode two, we revisit our incredible conversation with Brett Powell on leadership. We’re also joined by Eric Myatt and AJ Thomas during this wonderful conversation about leadership as it relates to the life, work, and death of Jesus.


In episode three, we sit down with UK Regional Coordinator Hannah Vaughan-Spruce to talk about DR19UK and the state of the Church in the UK. Hannah has incredible stories to share about what she has seen in parishes and priests that have begun working within the Divine Renovation model.


We hope you join us, all summer long, for these 10 minute conversations. We promise that they’re worth it.

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