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Divine Renovation UK provides parishes across the United Kingdom with missional support focused on building strong teams and creating a culture of evangelization. Over the past several years, the UK has seen incredible growth in the number of pastors who've taken on the challenge of parish renewal. Our team in the UK supports pastors through events and the formation of a strong Catholic community among parishes in the region. 

Parish Support

Starting of the journey on the right foot is key. We offer guidance especially to parishes in the earliest stages of implementing DR principles so that they can build a strong foundation in the keys to parish renewal. 

Connecting Parishes

Parish renewal is a team sport and we know that coming together leads to a higher chance of success. We help by building a network of parishes around the country that learn from each other.

Casting Vision

Clarity of mission is critical if we're going to get parish renewal right. We're sharing a vision for the future of parishes where mission, leadership and reliance on the Holy Spirit are prioritised,

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Hannah Vaughan-Spruce

Divine Renovation UK Executive Director
Hannah Vaughan-Spruce, Executive Director for the UK, works on the ground in the UK to offer opportunities for connecting and light equipping to any parish that wants to be missional.

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