Divine Renovation USA

Divine Renovation USA provides parishes across the United States with hands-on support in their journey from maintenance to mission. We know that every parish is different and we're dedicated to building a network of parishes who, despite all their differences, have one thing in common; mission. We provide parishes with resources and a community of pastors and lay leaders all driven by that same desire to bring people to Jesus Christ.

Online Community

Come together with US parishes of all shapes and sizes for digital conversations focused on the key areas of parish renewal. From conversations on the current season to conversations around the path forward as a missional church, we focus on bringing parishes together for the next right steps. 

Parish Support

We are absolutely in this together and as parishes struggle with some of the basic questions around how we can pursue a missional mindset, we invite you to join in with parishes on the same journey. These parish connections help us understand and overcome the obstacles to this mission. 

Regional Events

Come together with parishes across the United States for events focused on strengthening not just Divine Renovation parishes but the Catholic Church as a whole. How can we bring people to Jesus Christ? How can we be a church of bold invitation? This is the work we will do together through regional events.

Support Our Mission

Called To Give In Many Ways

God is incredibly generous in the ways He gives. He has given us so much and we are called to give back to our church and to the mission. 

We know that for many people, financial giving is simple not possible and we are buoyed by those people across the globe that give of their gifts, their time, and especially their prayer.

Our ministry runs on prayer. We are lifted up by so many across the world. From orders that make us part of their daily intentions to individuals who reach out because of the impact they've seen us make worldwide. If prayer is the way that you're able to give, please know that we give thanks for your intentions and for your faith. 

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Meet Matt Regitz

Matt Regitz

Divine Renovation Coach
Matt has spent the majority of his life working in the Catholic Church to bring people to Jesus Christ. He is a regular speaker at major events across the US and in 2019 joined Divine Renovation in a full time capacity. Matt is a gifted coach focused on bringing parishes forward in their mission. 

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