This week on the podcast we had an incredible conversation with Jeff Lockert, the President of Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). CCO is a ministry organization working on campuses to help young people establish a life in Christ while dealing with the rigors, challenges and opportunities of university life. The conversation focused on the idea that leadership must be nurtured and supported on campuses if we expect the next generation to live a life rooted in love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Whether you want to watch or listen, this is a conversation that you absolutely need to tune into.

During this podcast, Jeff talks about being called to ministry. Jeff discusses his discernment as a leader in Catholic ministry. It’s so exciting to come to the conclusion that you have a future working for Jesus Christ. He’s a pretty incredible leader to work for. Shortly after the podcast came out, I was talking with a friend who works in marketing. She loves the product that she sells. She believes in it and represents the product and the brand faithfully and honestly but she’s struggling. She’s struggling with the idea that she lives and works in a capitalist world and she’s unsure if what she’s doing would align itself with what Jesus taught.

This is something that many people struggle with. Not everyone works directly for Jesus. Not everyone works in a business where staff meetings consistently and honestly open with prayer. Not everyone works in an office where the love of God is expressed and celebrated regularly. It is a blessing for those of us that do but that’s simply not the reality that everyone is facing.

People of faith often talk about being called to ministry work. They talk about being called to work on behalf of Jesus Christ. Some people in other fields will talk about feeling called to their work. Doctors will speak of a call to help people. Lawyers (hopefully) will speak of a call to pursue justice. What about software developers? What about fiction writers? What about librarians? How do these people live a Christ filled life when they don’t “feel called”?

It all comes down to believing in God’s plan. If you feel called to design apps, then design apps, but design them honestly and faithfully. If you feel that your gifts and your love lies in writing technical manuals for mechanical engineers, do so honestly and faithfully.

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It’s not about making sure that people work in churches or non-profits or ministries. The bible does not tell us to “Go, and make ministry employees.” We’re asked to make missionary disciples. You can be a missionary disciple who is also a social worker. You can be a missionary disciple and also make artisanal burgers. It is not about what you do. It is about how you do it.

We live in a secular, post-Christian world. This is the reality of our society.

What we need is for people to take Jesus Christ into their workplace. We need more people to live a Christian life at ALL times, not just on Sundays. We need people to be compassionate, and understanding, and forgiving in all places and in all things. We need people to live their best life, for Jesus, wherever that is and whatever that’s doing.

It is entirely possible that God has called you to sell insurance. It is entirely possible that God has called you to be a professional football player. It is entirely possible that God has called you to be a chef. What God has NOT called you to do is to be faithless. He has called you to have faith and live faith in everything that you do.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 28:19

Go wherever you will go, but wherever you go, make.

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