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Divine Renovation leadership coaches include priests and laypeople who’ve been right where you are: longing for more for the Church but unsure how to get there.

Inspired by Fr. James Mallon’s book Divine Renovation and following the example of missional parishes, we’ve come to understand what’s necessary to turn parishes around. And since 2016, we’ve learned and shared our experience with parish leaders around the world so they can bring their parish from maintenance to mission.

We can’t wait to see what God does through your parish.

Meet our regional guides

Divine Renovation’s regional guides are here to accompany you, wherever you find yourself on the journey of parish renewal. Whether you have questions about Divine Renovation’s principles and coaching, are curious about how you can get involved in your region, or simply want to learn more–they would be more than happy to connect with you!

Simply find your region’s guide and book an intro call with them.

Picture of Paul Lang 🌍

Paul Lang 🌍

Regional Guide for DR At Large

Picture of Jordan Kelly 🇬🇧

Jordan Kelly 🇬🇧

Regional Guide for the United Kingdom

Connect with Jordan

Picture of Angie Glendinning 🇺🇸

Angie Glendinning 🇺🇸

Regional Guide for the United States

Picture of Courtney Hennessy 🇨🇦

Courtney Hennessy 🇨🇦

Regional Guide for Canada

Picture of Ferdinand Degenfeld 🇩🇪

Ferdinand Degenfeld 🇩🇪

Regional Guide for Germany

Picture of Tomasz Juszczak 🇦🇺

Tomasz Juszczak 🇦🇺

Regional Guide for New South Wales

Picture of Gianna Goytizolo 🇦🇺

Gianna Goytizolo 🇦🇺

Regional Guide for Western Australia

Picture of Jeff Zaher<br>🇦🇺

Jeff Zaher

Regional Guide for

Picture of Manisha Gunathunga 🇦🇺

Manisha Gunathunga 🇦🇺

Regional Guide for Australia

Picture of Cheryl Surrey<br>🇳🇿

Cheryl Surrey

Regional Guide for New Zealand

Discover the renewal happening near you.

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