An Easy Yoke: A Focus on Rest

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, August marks the peak of summer, a time when many–including priests– schedule their “break.”

But this rest can often equal a burn-out coma or an overscheduled “holiday” only to return to the same hamster-wheel pace.

Father Peirluigi Vajra CRS, a DR coached Parish Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes in Perth, Australia, shares his journey in experiencing rest as something more than just “not-working”. Like many priests – his workload is great, and rest does not come easily. But in his 28 years as a priest, he has come to recognize the profound value of prioritizing rest.

Faith on Fire: A Focus on the 2023 DR Australasia Conference

The conference started with a priest-only session led by Father James Mallon. During the hymn ‘Here I am Lord,’ DR staff member Anushka Peiris recalls standing in the back watching. “I just had such a grateful heart in that moment for all our priests.” Cheryl Surrey agrees, “Looking around at these sparkling wet eyes looking back at you… you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was so beautiful.”

Not Alone on the Journey: A Story from New Zealand

A year ago Father Sherwin’s blood pressure was unstable. Within 5 weeks he had lost a significant amount of weight. Then an ECG showed that he had had a minor heart attack. Next, his childhood asthma came back, and he struggled with diverticulitis. A diagnostic journey began as he was sent from one specialist to the next, through test after test.

All of this happened within a year of Father Sherwin becoming the new Pastor of St. Mark Catholic Mission Parish in Pakuranga, New Zealand. “This is where Divine Renovation came in,” he says.

At the Door: A Story from New Zealand

Emily Sit would define herself as a door stop.

From the function of the pews to the beauty of the stained-glass windows, the church building is a metaphor for the diversity of the gifts of the people that make it up; the people who transform it from a building to the Church. Just as each support beam and every floorboard are needed for the building to be whole, so too, the Church: people individually gifted, collectively called.

And Emily is a door stop.