A New Year, A New DR Region: A Story from our German-Speaking Region

A group of priests from German-speaking regions, gathered together to learn about parish renewal, Divine Renovation and Father James Mallon.

This region is unique in its challenges but identical to the global Church in its need for parish renewal. DACH is a region where a movement towards mission is grassroots – priests and laity who are hungry for God to move in His Church. Stories are emerging of the Holy Spirit moving and capturing the hearts of those who are willing and open to be used for the renewal of the Church.

DACH Regional Coordinator, Ferdinand Degenfeld, states that the vision is “to see parishes being really effective in changing lives, by bringing people all over our countries to the transformative experience of Jesus’ love. I want to see priests and their teams confidently and joyfully living their calling, empowering the baptized and spreading the fire from parish to parish, so that they become beacons of light in our towns and cities. Parishes are called to become the backbone of the Church once more!”

A Sign of Hope: A Letter From the Netherlands Conference ‘22

I am not an event person and I tend to be cautious in my pronouncements, so when a friend asked me how the “Missionary Parish” conference went and I said, it was “fantastic!”

She looked at me, surprised, and said, “Really?”


It was, I told her, the most hopeful development I’ve seen in the Church in the Netherlands in the last twenty years: a thousand people from around the country and from Flanders, all eager bring on better days in their parish.