Join us at an upcoming DR Open House!

You want your parish to come alive. But without seeing the example of other parishes doing things differently, it’s difficult to see what’s possible.

If you’re a priest or active parishioner and you want more for your parish, join us at our next DR Open House!

What is DR Open House?

DR Open House is an event hosted by a parish implementing Divine Renovation’s principles of parish renewal.

It is a chance for surrounding parishes to be inspired by the stories of priests and parishioners who have experienced transformation in their parishes by pursuing mission.

At the DR Open House, you will:

  • Connect with parishes that have come alive by pursuing mission
  • Learn tips on parish renewal that you can apply to your own parish
  • Have the opportunity to speak with the Divine Renovation team
  • Be encouraged by seeing hope for what’s possible!

Did you know?

Divine Renovation is not a programme or a specific set of things to implement in your parish. Rather, it’s about three principles or keys that help parishes move from maintenance to mission:

  1. Reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit

  2. The primacy of evangelisation

  3. Having the best of leadership principles

These three keys to parish renewal are being lived out in parishes around the world and are bearing fruit in transformed lives and deeper parishioner engagement.

If you would like to see for yourself, coming to a DR Open House is the perfect place to begin.

Upcoming DR Open House

Please check again in the future for upcoming DR Open Houses!


🇿🇦 DR Khaya Lethu: Durban

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 • Parish of St. Joseph • Durban, South Africa

As a parish leader, you want to see your parish come alive. But the problem is, without seeing examples of other parishes doing things differently, you’re doubtful of what’s possible for your parish. Think it's time for your parish to escape maintenance mode and embrace mission?

Join Fr. Brett Williams, Fr. Malusi Ngcobo, and Fr. Sfiso Mpanza at the upcoming DR Khaya Lethu ("Our Home") in Durban. Experience the transformation at the Parish of St. Joseph, hear their story of mission and renewal, and be encouraged by seeing what's possible at your own parish.

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🇩🇪 Divine Renovation in Gelsenkirchen

Sa. 4. Nov. 2023 • 9:00 - 16:30 Uhr • St. Barbara Gelsenkirchen

Sie sehnen sich nach einer explosiv lebendigen Pfarrei? In Gelsenkirchen erleben Sie eine katholische Gemeinde, die Evangelisierung und Erneuerung zur Priorität macht.

Ohne das Beispiel anderer Pfarreien kann es schwierig sein, zu sehen, was möglich ist. Wie startet man, wie nimmt man die Gemeinde mit, und wie geht es dann weiter?

Kommen Sie nach Gelsenkirchen: Holen Sie sich Inspiration - Zeigen Sie Ihrem Team, was möglich ist - Gewinnen Sie Mitstreiter - Vernetzen Sie sich! Lernen Sie, wie Divine Renovation angepasst an die deutsche Mentalität aussehen kann.

• Inspirierender Talk von Dan O'Rourke: Ist Aufbruch in der katholischen Kirche möglich?
• Fallbeispiel St. Barbara - ein Team in Aktion • Spannende Workshops
• Worship & Gebetszeiten, Gemeindemesse (um 9 Uhr)
• Vernetzung und Austausch

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The Three Keys to Parish Renewal

Get 3 practical principles you can begin to use this week to move your parish from maintenance to mission.

“One of the things about engaging with Divine Renovation is a concern that this is going to mould us into something that we are not, but actually what this does is it helps us to be the best of who we are and show us where the Lord is leading us.”

-Fr. Jim Duggan (St. Charles Borromeo, Paisley, UK)