Divine Renovation - United Kingdom

“Divine Renovation exists to inspire, connect, and equip priests and their parishes to go from maintenance to mission – for every Catholic parish to be a place where people can come and have their lives transformed by entering into relationship with Jesus.

Our vision for the UK is to inspire, connect and create community among a network of parishes intentionally pursuing mission, through the best of leadership principles, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the 4 years since parishes have started implementing Divine Renovation principles, we are seeing parishes bearing fruit as lives are transformed. Divine Renovation is currently connected with around 500 UK parishes – from parish leadership teams receiving one-to-one coaching, to cohorts of priests experiencing Coaching; and from parishes in group coaching, to those curious to learn more. We are here to come alongside you, to inspire, connect and equip you.”

Equipping the UK Catholic church

We regularly host online and in-person events to equip priests and lay leaders in moving their parish from maintenance to mission. Visit the events page to join any of our upcoming events.

Coaching with Divine Renovation

Our group coaching programme matches a cohort of priests from around the world seeking lasting change. Supported by a Divine Renovation coach with a track record of success, we help priests unlock and apply DR’s principles to each parish’s unique situation.

Meet Jordan, your UK relationship Guide

Ready to do something different? We’re here to help. Connect with the Divine Renovation UK team to get started. Watch this video to meet your relationship guide and click the button below to get in touch with our team.

All the support we provide, including this first conversation, is made available without charge thanks to donors from around the world.

Make your impact on the UK Catholic church.

Catholics across the UK are hungry to see their parishes renewed. By supporting Divine Renovation UK, you are helping priests and parish leaders receive the resources and support needed to help their parishes come alive! Here’s how it works:

  1. You donate. Make a one-time gift or monthly commitment to fuel this movement.
  2. Parishes are supported. Your gift allows us to guide parishes in their journey towards renewal.
  3. More people are brought to Jesus. As parishes become explosively alive, new people are drawn into relationship with God.

Imagine supporting a meaningful cause that creates lasting change for God’s Kingdom.

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