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Training and leadership coaching to help Catholic churches escape maintenance-mode and become missional movements.

At a Divine Renovation event for parish renewal, a woman is deep in prayer.

To the world, hope seems in short supply.

But inside our churches, we know otherwise: Hope is abundant, because Jesus is with us. The trouble is (and this is hard to hear), the Church has lost its enthusiasm for sharing that Truth.

And so parishes are aging.

Congregations are shrinking. 

Priests are discouraged and disengaging.

But that’s not the end of the story. Resurrection is.

Together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can bring life back to parishes and people to Jesus.

Imagine a faith community where...

Unlock radical change in your parish.

Jede Gemeinde ist einzigartig, dennoch haben drei Schlüssel Hunderte von ihnen verwandelt.

Divine Renovation's three keys to parish renewal, based on Father James Mallon's book.
Die Kraft des Heiligen Geistes

By creating a culture of prayer, we tap into the power of the Holy Spirit—
and our parishes come to life.

Divine Renovation's three keys to parish renewal, based on Father James Mallon's book.
Der Primat der Evangelisierung

By prioritizing evangelization, more people get to encounter Jesus—
and our parishes grow.

Divine Renovation's three keys to parish renewal, based on Father James Mallon's book.
Das Beste an Leiterschaft

By honing our talents and gifts, we share responsibility for leadership—
and our parishes thrive.

"We were struggling with moving the church forward. The leadership coaching sessions have been immensely useful. We see people all of a sudden coming to us, and they want to contribute."
A young man named Emmanuel from St. James and All Souls Parish, Salford, UK
- Emmanuel, St. James and All Souls Parish, Salford, UK

Church renewal isn't easy.

You don't have to go it alone.

The Divine Renovation team includes congregants, lay leaders, pastors, and priests who’ve been right where you are: longing for more for the Church but unsure how to get there.

Following Fr. James Mallon’s groundbreaking model established in his book, Divine Renovation, we’ve come to understand what’s necessary to turn parishes around. And since 2016, we’ve shared our experience with church leaders all over the world so they can bring their parish from maintenance to mission.

We can’t wait to see what God does through your church.

Divine Renovation event. A middle-aged man in a parish, listening intently as others from his prayer group share their reflections.
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Divine Renovation is a donor-funded ministry.

Money should never be a barrier to the pursuit of renewal. Thanks to our generous supporters, we’re able to come alongside priests and parishes at no charge.

Your Church needs your voice.

Our events equip and empower you to share it.


Leading Through Resistance: Handling Pushback with Humility and Conviction

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023: 1 PM Eastern

Priests and their leadership teams want their parish vision to take root. The hard reality is that with resistance to a changing parish, it can feel like going back to the status quo is the easier option. It's true–dealing with pushback against vision can be difficult. At this month’s FTT, where you will:
- Hear from Fr. Mark Begly on how to revitalize the people in the pews
- Learn practical ways you can double-down on casting vision amidst resistance
- Receive advice on handling negative feedback and opposition, proactively.

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2023 Divine Renovation Australasia Conference

Feb. 10-12, 2023 • Sydney, Australia

Catholics across Australia and New Zealand are hungry for a Church that's fully alive. And through the power of the Holy Spirit, renewal is possible!

If you're a priest or parish leader from Australia or New Zealand, join us at the 2023 Divine Renovation Australia Conference in Sydney where you will be inspired, connected, and equipped to lead your parish from maintenance to mission.

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DR Open House: Brighton

Saturday, March 18, 2022 • 9 AM - 4 PM • St. John the Baptist Church (2 Bristol Rd, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1AP)

You want your parish to come alive. But without seeing the example of other parishes doing things differently, it can be difficult to see what's possible.

If you're a priest or active parishioner in the Brighton area, come be the guest of East Brighton Parish, hear about their story of renewal, and learn how your parish can do it, too. Learn more and register at divinerenovation.org/openhouse.

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Together, we can bring hope to priests, life to parishes, and people to Jesus.